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Jenny Miller Fine Jewelry

Posted on November 04, 2016 by Nigel Hayes | 0 comments

Jennifer Miller is the owner and designer of Uniacke Designs and her wok has been seen on Good Morning America and worn by Hoda!

Jennifer Miller Fine Jewelry

She is a direct descendant of James Boyle Uniacke, the first Premier of Nova Scotia, Canada, during the 19th Century - hence the name Uniacke Designs. The name Uniacke dates back to the Strongbow Invasion of Ireland during the 11th Century. Originally the name was "Unicus Est" meaning "the only one". Over time the name changed to Uniacke.

Jennifer Miller Fine Jewelry

Jennifer has always lived in Victoria. She has always had a strong love of animals, particularly horses. Since about the age of ten she has trained and very successfully shown horses, both her own and other peoples'. Jennifer's sharp attention to the many complex details involved with successfully showing horses has enabled her to focus her creative energy on designing jewelry -her other passion.

 Jennifer Miller Fine Jewelry

Her inspirations for the colour in her designs are drawn from current fashion trends and the unique and natural landscape that she is surrounded by in the lovely "city of gardens", Victoria, British Columbia.


Jennifer Miller Fine Jewelry

To create the unique pieces, Jennifer uses a combination of colours, shapes and textures, utilising precious metals, either sterling silver or gold, semi-precious gems and stones, freshwater pearls and other natural materials. Each piece of jewellery is made by the designer herself using proven techniques to further enhance the jewellery that she makes. Jennifer's goal is to continue designing and creating beautiful and unique jewellery for women who love to express their own individual sense of fashion, personality and character.

Jennifer Miller Fine Jewelry

In April 2010 Jennifer's work was shown on Good Morning America. Hoda was wearing one of Jennifer's magnificent bracelets and speaking to Kathie Lee about the superb jewellery.


Jennifer Miller Fine Jewelry

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