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Art that is Genuinely Beautiful and Practical

Posted on July 29, 2015 by Sue Hayes | 0 comments

Just occasionally an artist’s work is both genuinely beautiful and practical. And this is the case where Wray Parson’s work is concerned.


For over 30 years, Wray has been making magnificent tools for all needle craft artists. He originally began turning wood when making toys for his children and after an early career in corporate banking focused all of his time in developing his micro-wood-turning techniques.


For 7 years Wray worked at Coombes Emporium, Parksville and then as his reputation began to grow he started working from a new studio built in his home.

The tools that Wray crafts are acknowledged to be amongst the world’s finest. They are heritage items designed to be family heirlooms, passed from generation to generation.


Wray’s scissors are made in Italy from Italian steel and are reputed to be the best that you can find.

Using 4 woods ranging from African Zebrano (Zebra-wood) to Pacific Yew to Yellow Cedar Burl to Cocobolo Rosewood, Wray makes a range of instruments.


Needle Holders, Scissors holders (inc. scissors), Thimble holders crafted in various forms, measuring tapes that roll back into Zebra wood holder, needle holders and sewing holders that use rare earth magnets – strong enough to lift a car! Seam rippers turned in Rosewood designed to last more than one lifetime.

Pen & Pencil Set

In addition, miniature vases in a variety of woods including Maple, Yew, Oak Burl and Laburnum are turned in Wray’s studio.



Wray lives in Qualicum Beach, B. C. Canada.

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