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Canadian Scarves from Rainbow Dreams

Posted on July 29, 2015 by Sue Hayes | 0 comments

Janet Bartlett and Lynn Hilton are experienced fiber artists who reside on Northern Vancouver Island. They currently are painting and dyeing anything silk, mainly scarves, but with future plans to do more Arashi and Shibori which are Japanese folding techniques for making pleated silk scarves and fabric.


Janet and Lynn are both experienced in knitting, spinning, weaving and felting.  They have attended numerous workshops, seminars and conferences to expand their knowledge in textiles.  They are members of the local spinning and weaving guild (Midnight Shuttles Spinners and Weavers) and are associate members of the Association of Northwest Weavers Guild (ANWG).   ANWG membership covers the north western United States and western Canada.

Silk Scarf

Janet started at an early age with various crafts, guided by her mother, who was an accomplished artist and sculptress.  She followed her in her mother\’s footsteps and is now teaching her children and her grandchildren the joy of creativity. When she\’s not doing handicrafts Janet also enjoys reading, looking after her rabbit and her cats and hanging out with her grandchildren.

Silk Scarf

Lynn came from an ancestry of accomplished artists and is also carrying on the tradition of sharing the extensive knowledge she learned from her mother.  She is getting a great deal of satisfaction from teaching her grandchildren and helping them to carry on the tradition and appreciation of the arts. Lynn is also an accomplished artist and an avid gardener when she’s not dyeing silk.


As long time Campbell River residents, Janet and Lynn have drawn inspiration from the beauty of the surrounding area and have tried to incorporate that beauty into their art.  They both feel their city is a jewel and are proud to be members of the Campbell River Art Gallery and to be part of this emerging artistic community…


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