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Lanterns for a Winter's Night

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Tracy Lewis Lanterns

Perfect for those dark winter evenings!. Tracy Lewis has been drawing and dreaming about homes and houses since she was 5 years old. Her ceramic house lanterns are one of a kind, created with warmth and whimsy, using paper clay.

Tracy Lewis Lanterns

Tracy graduated from Emily Carr College in 1988 with a BFA in Film Animation. She worked as an independent animator for many years on several NFB films, and as a mentor for many fledgling animators in remote communities such as Bella Coola and Old Crow, via Reel to Real, Bite Sized Media, and the NFB.

Tracy Lewis Lanterns

Since moving to Vancouver Island, Tracy has been teaching art and animation to young children from her home. Each summer, she invites groups of 6 children to a one week session of Animation Camp.

Tracy Lewis Lanterns

It's super fun! Folk Art has always been of interest to her and you may be so lucky to own one of her wooden flip toys, or one of her free standing or flying angels, or a duck, goose, or penguin flapping push toy.

Tracy Lewis Lanterns

Tracy has a line of greeting cards, and has illustrated 3 children's books. You never know what she'll make next, but you can be sure that it will be animated!

Tracy Lewis Lanterns

Tracy is a recent empty-nester, living in the Cowichan Valley.

You can see more of Tracy's beautiful lanterns at 


Tracy Lewis Lanterns

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Bees Wax Works Candles

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Q & A with Chandler Jill Smith

How long have you been making candles?

Professionally for four years now, after my apprenticeship. But I’ve been making things my whole life– my mother taught me to knit at four. The founder of the company spent hours teaching me the basics and fine tuning the skills need to make candles. Chandlery requires patience.

What’s the secret in the studio?

Candle making is all about having a good rhythm; when I started, I used a metronome, and my background is as a dancer. So it’s all process; do this, do this, keep organized, like a chef moving around a kitchen. Creative and kinetic. I’m happiest when I’m moving.

What were you doing before this?

I worked in daily management in the music industry on the corporate side, contracts and administration. I was a professional ballet dancer before we raised a family. I have done many things in my life and they all have brought me different ways of doing what I now love.

What’s the appeal of beeswax?

To be around the wax is so calming. I love the process. I like the solitude. I’m just dipping candles, listening to CBC, looking at the ocean outside my window. The scent of the wax invokes all this for me. But there’s a whole revival of hand-crafted objects, an aesthetic of having fewer, more mindful things in your home. Good wine, good cheese. It’s appreciative of authenticity and simple enjoyment. Beeswax is a part of that.

What’s next for you as a candlemaker?

We are collaborating with a ceramic artist to create original designs and make our own proprietary moulds. My partner Bruce has an art and music background, and aside from lifting the 45 pound blocks of wax, he is helping me in transition all of our catalogue to our own designs.

It’s an intimate thing, to work with this magic substance and make it a part of people’s lives, connect with them and get to meet them. I’ll be asked to create a birth candle, or a candle for someone’s memorial. Even for someone’s final hours, and my work is there, witnessing that. It’s an honour and very humbling.

I get to live and work in a beautiful environment on Salt Spring Island, where there’s a lot of support and understanding of what it’s like to leave a 9-5 for a creative career. The Saturday Market is creative, dynamic, instantly collaborative – I love the camaraderie. People come to my Vancouver shows and hug me and buy a candle because they’ve had one of my pieces before and it’s meant something to them, it was part of a moment for them. That’s lovely......

You can see more of Jill's beautiful candles at 


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