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Grant Warrington

Grant Warrington

Seaweed Baskets


Grant found this art form or rather it found him, over the course of a series of family tragedies. These losses prompted deep explorations of grief amidst the natural beauty of the Pacific Coast. In these journeys he has become self-taught, or, more accurately, taught by nature herself.

Originally from the mountains and creeks of the Kootenays, Vancouver Island has proven inspirational for both healing and sourcing materials, as I walk its plentiful beaches and coves.

He has been blessed to spend a great deal of time at Sandcut Creek, between Shirley and Jordan River, where material can be plentiful; but he also occasionally finds, during a lunch time stroll, a choice piece of wind-and-sun-cured material, washed up along the Songhees rocks.

Years' of beachcombing and gleaning seaweeds to shape transient forms for return to the sea gave rise to the creation of vessels, initially baskets. he has long since added rattles, wall hangings and most recently, larger sculptural, lighting and installation work.

His medium has so far proven plentiful and varied in form, yet vulnerable and unpredictable. The material is at times dry and brittle, at others heavy and sodden and prone to decomposition: and at either extreme resistive to "control".

He utilize mostly bull, brown, and walking kelp, with sea palm and other species when available. he adds dulse from Atlantic beaches when travel permits, and he never takes living plants, or those still attached to their holdfasts at the seabed.

His products should be kept dry to retain their form, but can from time to time be safely washed by fast immersion in a warm water bath, if then immediately allowed, on a warm or hot day, to sun and wind dry. The earliest pieces are now 30 years' strong.

If you ever tire of the creation it is fully compostable, and will add valuable minerals and nutrients to the soil. It is also a potential source of food and it holds carbon.