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How to Care for Your Wood
April 15, 2016

A 9 Point Guide to Essential Wood Care 1. Oil your wooden bowl or utensil on a regular basis. We recommend doing it on a monthly basis. 2. Ideally we recommend mineral oil. Food grade mineral oil is tasteless and...

A Family of Artists - West Coast Jewellery
April 09, 2016

Eron Hamill My creative instincts have their roots in my family home in Port Townsend, Washington. My father is a writer, and our house was always filled with artists. I grew up surrounded by painters, musicians, writers, and ceramists. That...

A superb new pottery artist
February 11, 2016

SARAH LECKIE We are really pleased to welcome a superb new pottery artist, Sarah Leckie lives on beautiful Vancouver Island, B.C.   Sarah says that she is inspired by unusual forms and the versatility and playfulness of the medium of...

10 Good Reasons to Shop Local this Christmas
December 17, 2015

While the press and economic experts debate whether we had a “mini-recession” or a “mild recession” in 2015 – most of us know that Canada, along with most developed countries, has been in a recession. It has affected someone you...