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10 Good Reasons to Shop Local this Christmas
December 17, 2015

While the press and economic experts debate whether we had a “mini-recession” or a “mild recession” in 2015 – most of us know that Canada, along with most developed countries, has been in a recession. It has affected someone you...

How to Avoid Shopping and Still Find Amazing (& Affordable) Gifts for the Women You Love
December 02, 2015

A Guide for Men: Top 10 Gift Ideas for Women Most men if they are honest will tell you that they hate going shopping. With the approach of the holiday season the very idea of heading to the mall with...

About Side Street Studio
November 29, 2015

The story of Side Street Studio is more than the history of a business. It is the physical expression of a belief that real art should be accessible to everyone. It is also the evolution of a business model supported...

Gift Ideas By Relationship
November 21, 2015

  Mom Dad Co Worker Someone with Everything Honica Earrings Necklace Casserole Scissors & Needle Case Set Soft Scarf Tea Pot Padraig Slippers Glass Heart Tea Light Holder Handmade Felted Soap Local Calendar Chopping Board Jewellery Box Lavender Pillow  ...