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A week ago I was talking over a cup of excellent Canterbury Coffee with John, the husband of Honica. I asked him if Honica would consider writing a short piece relating to her designs, her inspiration and basically how ‘Honica goes about creating her beautiful jewelry’. John’s answer was a clear “regretably not!”  “As she is spending all of her time making jewelry”.”However,he would be happy to draft a short joint article with her”. This ‘combined result’ follows and I hope that you find it as interesting to read as I did.


“Women say they feel wonderful wearing Honica’s jewelry. They tell us of the compliments they receive on their jewelry—from relatives, friends and even strangers stopping them on the sidewalk. These sincere compliments, women say, give them confidence, make them feel truly unique and beautiful. 

Case in point. We were told of two ladies, sisters actually, from the eastern seaboard of the US. One sister had recently visited Victoria, and had purchased a Honica necklace and bracelet from one of her collections. The sisters were now, together, on a junket to Quebec City and staying at the renowned Chateau Frontenac. They decided to go out and visit the stylish shops for which the historic city is known. They donned their finery, one sister with her $10,000 necklace and the other wearing her Honica collection, and then exited the lobby.

The next day the sister, who had worn her very expensive piece, phoned from the hotel in Quebec City. She ordered her own Honica necklace, saying that, in spite of her more expensive bling, it was her sister who had received all the compliments.

It’s true, many of our customers who collect Honica’s work, tell us that her creative and distinctive jewelry is often commented on. While it’s obviously unique and artistic, with its polished semi-precious stones, hand textured and patinaed brass and other natural and wonderfully exquisite materials, it still remains classical and is most expressive of personal style and taste.


Honica’s work is closely followed and collected. It seems to call out to a specific segment of women, for whom personal expression and style is important. And, as they say, “Those who like it, like it a lot.”

Her circle of devotees is growing and the appreciation of her work is reaching a wider world. We asked her what it takes to respond to a growing market and consistently create these expressions of her own sense of women’s style and personal adornment.

“For me,” she said, “above all, it is a goodly measure of these three; genes, inspiration and perspiration! The genes I had nothing to do with. I just lucked out I guess.” Honica said.

From her earliest childhood as a young girl, she joined family outings searching for agate, pyrite and any kind of treasure that nature might provide. The polished stones stirred her imagination and spirit, while walks in the woods deepened her love of the natural world. The colors, the forms, the way it all worked so perfectly—inspired in her a deep desire to use all these treasures as a means of expression.


Today she still seeks her inspiration from nature. Her studio overlooks ponds that she excavated herself by shovel and built by hand. She planted a garden on the property where she and her husband live, that backs onto a tidal river and overlooks a wilderness park. Herons, raccoons and otters visit and do a little pond fishing when in the neighbourhood.  She notes every wild visitor, at whatever time of year, and loves it all. It’s her inspiration.


But to be successful she notes, that’s not enough. Young artists often ask her for guidance and direction. And she’s always willing to help.

“You have to be committed. Talent is great, but when deadlines loom, demand grows and your customers are waiting,” Honica asserts, “it’s only hard work that gets you through.” “She’s the hardest working person I have ever known!” her husband attests. “She works every night until 10 pm,” he says. “Then she stops, has herself a glass of wine and reads a book as her dog Rupp curls up on a bench near the studio window.”

You can see a huge collection of Honica’s beautiful jewelry at all available online or at our Studio in Oak Bay Village, Victoria, B.C.


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