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3 Tips on Giving that Special Ring to your Loved One

Posted on October 25, 2015 by Sue Hayes | 0 comments

Giving an engagement, wedding or eternity ring is a very special occasion. A great deal of time and thought goes into searching for that absolutely perfect ring. You will want the moment to be memorable.


1. The Presentation!

The best way to present a ring is as a gift. Too often a beautiful ring is presented in a ‘less than ideal’ standard jewellery box! By offering your ring in a magnificent locally hand turned jewellery box you are showing the importance of your gift. All of Christine Davidson’s exquisite hand turned ring boxes are made from locally grown woods; often adorned with an African Blackwood filial. Each ring box has been hand made in Victoria, B.C. and every single one is absolutely unique. Often they are turned from a single piece of wood. The grain of the lid and box match up perfectly.

2. Go to A Romantic Location!

The place where you first met or the restaurant where you had your first date. These are good settings for the presentation of a special ring. Plan to make the presentation more casual than a formal proposal; consider leaving the gift on the table while you dine.

3. Make It a Surprise!

Another way to present the ring is as you are just going about your day. Leave the ring box out on the kitchen table and wait until your partner notices. Make sure you’re there to watch them open it, so that you can share the moment together. Christine’s ring boxes are the perfect home for that special engagement, wedding, or eternity ring. They are probably some of the finest ring boxes in the world and well cared for will last a generation.

Christine Davidson has been woodturning for over a decade. She had previously worked with stained glass but found the challenge of working with wood a more rewarding experience. Christine has won an award at the West Coast Woodturning Competition in Vancouver in 2002. Her work has been shown at the Maltwood Gallery and has been commissioned by the B.C. Government.

She lives in Saanichton, near Victoria B.C. and you can see her beautiful work at

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