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Sarah Clark Design

Sarah Clark Design

I have always had a drawing implement in my hand. No piece of paper has ever been safe from my doodling on it.


Since 1981, Sarah’s professional career had been as a Graphic Designer, creating logos and materials for commercial clients. One day in 2010 she woke up and asked "what's next" … and the answer was, "take a sabbatical."


So, following that guidance, in May 2010 Sarah started a journey of a three-month sabbatical, which changed her life in ways she never saw coming. I started to focus on art that I could create with my hands. This is what I was missing in the commercial graphic design side of my work/life. I also wanted to go deeper into drawing and creating mandalas, a practice I had started in 2005, shortly after arriving on Vancouver Island.


As it turns out, the sabbatical never really ended, since Sarah never returned to her previous work life. Mandalas took over in every way. This is when she realized the work she was doing was not only benefitting her, but also other people. This is when she knew the energy of mandalas changed things for the better.


The mandala, or "sacred circle," is an endless place of exploration. No matter how you come in contact with them: drawing, colouring or viewing them, they help to focus and calm. It was recognizing the power of mandalas that lead Sarah to create the On a Positive Note Mandala Deck and Colouring Pack, which when combined, become a Daily Practice. There is nothing quite like starting your day with a positive spin. It will change how you see the whole wide world.


Living on Vancouver Island has instilled in me the importance of the present moment: To observe what is right in front of me. Being here inspires me to explore, experiment, and keep my sense of wonder fully engaged.