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Lana Kirk Woodworks

Lana Kirk Woodworks

Lana has always been drawn to wood and its natural elements, and for years she has wanted to create functional art pieces from those elements. Being a full time mom, part time bookkeeper and full time sarcasm aficionado, there was little room to "do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life". 


During the Great Pandemic (trademark pending) of 2020, she found herself struggling with depression, anxiety, and a not-so-teenage angst. The pandemic was a very dark time for her, and out of frustration and depression she decided to take the leap. She got herself a lathe and entered the world of woodturning. What began as a therapeutic outlet for the craziness of the world, became so much more.


She uses mostly locally sourced wood, and recycled materials whenever possible. She continually works hard to keep developing fine quality products (with a side of sarcasm) that last. 

Victoria, B.C.