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Full Sink Pottery

Full Sink Pottery

A partnership of ideas and skills; Nancy Alexander, the potter and Eliska Liska, the visual artist combine their expertise to produce unique and whimsical pottery. Porcelain clay is thrown then painted using a combination of black slip and coloured glazes and carved to add texture. A clear glaze provides a tough durable surface.

Nancy has many years of experience as a potter and an educator. Until recently was an instructor at the Ceramic Studio at Cedar Hill Recreation Center.

Elisha and Nancy have worked together for five years. Over that time their designs have eveolved through continual reassessment and experimentation.

Eliska Liska is originally from the Czech Republic. After finishing a masters degree in art, she spent 5 years travelling around Europe and Mexico leaving a trail of murals behind. While living in Mexico she met her Victoria born husband and settled in Victoria B.C.  

Eliska is well versed in many mediums. She's into painting, printing, drawing, digital illustration felting or murals. She illustrated 5 books, was 2013 BC Summer Reading Club artist but lately her main interest has been painting pottery.

They create one of a kind black and white porcelain pieces.