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Wooden Bowls by Rod Garbutt

Wooden Bowls by Rod Garbutt 

With Rod's pieces he strives to combine the two elements of beauty and utility.  Beauty resides in the shape and finish as well as natural grain variations that make every piece unique.  He specializes in salad bowls and serving platters.  Each piece is finished with a food –safe Walnut Oil.

Rod lives by Shawnigan Lake B.C.

These Garry Oak bowls came from a large fallen tree located in a field beside Herd Road, just north of Duncan B.C.  He turned them within months of getting the wood because he feared it was a race between himself and the fungi. Some of the pieces show characteristic fungal spalting as the infection advanced within the wood. At the spalting stage the wood retains its full integrity. Because the wood was partially green some of them are slightly off-round. They have since cured in his shop and will retain their current shape. 

The Theme and Variation series now numbers about 30 bowls and will continue to grow for some time yet. The Theme is embodied in the slight in-roll of the rim with Variations in the size and grain, as well as the interplay of curves. 

Garry Oak is the densest and hardest of our native woods and these bowls, with regular use, should last for generations. They are finished with numerous coats of food safe walnut oil.

Wash only in hot water. No soap and no dishwasher.

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