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Wood Bowl Collection by Kathleen Short

Wood Bowl Collection by Kathleen Short

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My journey into woodturning started after attending a weekend course when I left with more than just newfound knowledge – I walked away with the instructor’s extra lathe and a new passion. 

Woodturning allows me to create functional, one-of-a-kind artistic pieces that showcase the natural colours and textures of wood, destined to endure for generations. Each piece of wood carries it’s on story and I find immense pleasure in bringing that narrative to life, even when I end up with a floor full of shavings and a coaster rather than the salad bowl I was sure that piece of wood wanted to be. Just like life, turning is full of surprises.

The majority of the wood I work with comes from Beautiful Vancouver Island, where I call home. However, some of the wood in my shop have tales of its own having come from faraway places. My shop being a portion of our garage that I’ve turned into my happy place.

As a woman woodturner, I’m proud of the space I hold in a traditionally male-dominated field. I hope my journey inspires women turners to pursue their dreams without hesitation.

Thank you for your time and I invite you to explore my world of woodturning by visiting my website at, by subscribing to my YouTube channel @kathleenshort and connecting with me on Instagram @woodturningbaroness

Victoria, B.C. 

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Category: Wooden Bowls

Type: Wood

Artist Collection: Kathleen Short

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