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Wood Bowl Collection by Brent Hegadoren

Wooden Bowls by Brent Hegadoren

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Brent Hegadoren

  • I am a wood worker residing in Victoria British Columbia. My interest in wood goes back many years as a kid when my father had to remove an oak in our backyard. I remember taking it to the local mill and discovering the growth patterns-I still have some of that oak. Over the years I made furniture and now turn that oak. I started making furniture with hand tools and in 2021 found a passion for wood turning!
  • All my wood is reclaimed from waste piles at local mills, construction sites, roadsides, hazardous or diseased trees removed by tree service companies, ocean driftwood, old furniture, and from neighbors that have had wood laying around their yards for years.
  • In two years, I have collected 32 species of wood from the Victoria This collection includes native Garry Oak, Arbutus, Yellow Cedar, Portuguese Laurel, Monkey Puzzle and London Plane that was planted in early 1920’s in recognition of Canadian veterans returning from World War I.
  • I am a member of the Vancouver Island Woodturner and Woodworking Guilds. Contact


  • A combination of food safe oil and beeswax are used to finish the wood making it safe for food serving. The beeswax is sourced from Vancouver Island. To restore the wood lustre, apply beeswax as needed.


Category: Wooden Bowls

Type: Wood

Artist Collection: Brent Hegadoren

SKU: 641-B-1

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