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Sue Pyper Artist - Cards

Sue Pyper Artist - Cards


My inspiration as an artist lies primarily in the natural world: wild creatures, oceans, spreading trees, rugged coastlines and busy tidal pools. I’ve been drawn to these things my whole life, and as an immigrant to Vancouver Island from the UK I feel I have a different kind of appreciation for West Coast nature motifs than I might have had if I’d grown up here. I love the swirling, sculptural aspects of creatures like whales and seals and octopi, even pebbles and seaweed draw me in with their deep colours and curving symmetries.

Currently I am working with live edge wood ethically harvested from Vancouver Island. In fact, when I first worked on these live edge pieces I absolutely fell in love with the tactile feeling of the paint on the surface of the wood, with the shape and the grain. It’s as though each piece speaks to me, telling me what to paint. I prefer to leave as much natural grain as possible exposed - I don’t see the point in covering a beautiful substrate with heavy paint. While I have used watercolours in the past, these days I prefer dip pens and acrylic inks. The heavy pigment load of the inks makes them perfect for multiple washes, and for the Pointallism style you will note in my work. I would describe my style as somewhat realistic, and I like to think that I capture the essence of the creatures I paint.


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