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Saggar Vase Collection by Jane Murray Smith

Saggar Vase Collection by Jane Murray Smith

Saggar Firing is the method of creating confined atmospheres within a container or saggar.  The saggar can be made out of anything depending on the type of firing from the traditional refractory clay to newspaper.  Originally saggars were used to protect the finish from the debris flying around the firing chamber from the wood or coal fuel source.  Roughly 200 years ago, potters decided to reverse this and use the saggars to hold material near the pieces to dramatically change the finish.

Measurements included with item details, height by width.

Hand made by Jane Murray Smith, Dragonfly Pottery from Lantzville, B.C.

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Category: Dragonfly Pottery, Jane Murray-Smith, pottery, vases

Type: Unknown Type

Artist Collection: Jane Murray-Smith

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