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Sacred Mountain Lavender Cooking & Culinary

 Sacred Mountain Lavender Cooking & Culinary 

Herbes de Provence - A traditional blend of herbs, created in Provence in Southern France. This aromatic blend of woody herbs is versatile enough to be used in soups and stews, on roasted meats, in stir-frys or in an omelet with, for example, mushrooms. Ingredients: Lavender florets (L. angustifolia), Rosemary, Thyme, Majarom, Savory, Sage. [4 fl. oz container]

Cracked Lavender Pepper - Press this spicy blend onto the outside of a steak or roast. Add to stews, roasted vegetables, or anywhere you would traditionally use black pepper. Ingredients: Cracked Pepper, Lavender Florets, L. angustifolia (organically grown). [4 fl. oz container]

Lavender Florets - Our own lavender florets of English lavender. Florets can be used in both savoury or sweet dishes. Sprinkle on roasted chicken or barbecued salmon, add to crème brulee, fruit salad, whipping cream or crumbles. Ingredients: Organically Grown Lavender florets. (L. angustifolia) [4 fl. oz container]

Lavender Fleur de Sel - Our Lavender Fluer de Sel is a marvelous addition to your kitchen. Pack onto white fish an hour before cooking, to develop flavour. Brush off and cook as you would normally. Add to your salt grinder and use wherever you use salt. Ingredients: French Fleur de Sel, Lavender Florets, L. angsutifolia – organically grown. [4 fl. oz container] 



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