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Raku Vase Collection by Ellen's Pottery

Raku Vase Collection by Ellen's Pottery

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Things got really exciting in the late 1960’s when Paul Soldner introduced “post firing reduction” to the traditional Japanese method of Raku firing. Since then, the Raku technique has been adopted and modified by contemporary potters worldwide.

The Process: The magic of Raku, for Ellen at least, lies in the unknown, and the spontaneous. Unlike most other methods for firing pottery, Raku is fast. Pots are loaded into a preheated kiln and quickly (usually 20 to 30 minutes) brought to a temperature of approximately 1800 degrees F. Very hot glowing pots are plucked out of the kiln and placed into metal containers that have been lined with a combustible material (like shredded paper). The paper immediately ignites and a lid is placed on the container to smother the flames and create a “reducing” atmosphere. In this “reducing” atmosphere smoke and fire work their magic, making each piece one of a kind..

No matter how much control is exercised during the firing process, there are so many variables at work that you just never know what you are going to get. It is this element of surprise and mystery that keeps her heading out to the kiln shed for more.


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Type: Pottery

Artist Collection: Ellen's Pottery

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