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Organic Lavender Neck Pillow

Organic Lavender Neck Pillow

Our Sacred Mountain lavender neck pillow is a very superior pillow. It is made with Mung Beans and Lavender Flowers encased in pure silk. It is soothing and relaxing and can be used hot or cold. It is prettily packaged in clear box. The Neck Pillow is long enough to fold right around your neck and provides the comfort and support of a bean bag while surrounding you with the aroma of lavender. Can be heated in the microwave to help sooth sore muscles. Currently available in purple.

Lie back and relax with the fragrance of lavender. This fine bean bag sits right round the shape of your neck almost to the shoulder to enhance relaxation.

Finely craft silk and faux suede pillow container lavender flower buds and mung beans. Can be heated in the microwave (max 2 min.) or cooled in the freezer.

Size: 20.5 inches x 5 inches



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