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Double Wrap Bracelets by Woven Stone Co.

Double Wrap Bracelets by Woven Stone Co.

These coastal inspired double wrap bracelet are handcrafted on Vancouver Island.

A combination of sandy tones with vibrant blues makes for a unique bohemian design. Featuring African Turquoise, this piece encourages growth and transformation. Opening the mind to new ideas and possibilities, providing structure and balance, this Collection supports one in moving forward with an optimistic outlook.

  • Handmade with beige genuine leather, this piece incorporates african turquoise, picture jasper, grainstone, and magnesite gemstones. 

Our Amazonite double wrap bracelet is handcrafted on Vancouver Island. The combination of light and dark results in a stunning design. Featuring Amazonite, this piece enhances communication and courage. Providing confidence to express one's true self, this bracelet encourages the wearer to move beyond the fear of judgement and confrontation.

  • Handmade with black genuine leather, this piece incorporates a gorgeous combination of gemstones, including amazonite, hematite, african turquoise, magnesite, and jasper.

  • Wear this wrap on a casual day to day basis, or dress it up for more formal events!

Handcrafted on Vancouver Island, our Amethyst double wrap bracelet is a go to accessory. The matte and shiny combination makes for a gorgeous aesthetic, with calming hues of purple, blue, and green. Wear this piece with any casual outfit, or dress it up for more formal events! Amethyst is known to soothe the mind and emotional body, helping to relieve stress and mental anxieties. Initiating deeper understanding, this piece can help identify the root causes of negative behaviors and patterns.

  • Handmade with brown genuine leather, this piece features amethyst, hematite, fancy jasper, and Czech glass. 

Handcrafted on Vancouver Island, our Black Onyx wrap bracelet is bold and sleek. The stunning combination of gemstones woven into this piece is sure to impress. A versatile and staple accessory, this bracelet compliments any outfit, casual or formal. Black Onyx is known to provide strength and protection, absorbing and transforming negative energy. Building fortitude, this piece helps one overcome obstacles and endure hardship.

  • Handmade with black genuine leather, incorporating black onyx, hematite, and snowflake jasper gemstones. 

This Jade double wrap bracelet was inspired by the forests of Vancouver Island. Incorporating earthy base tones with splashes of green, this collection is bound to compliment a variety of casual outfits. Known to balance the body, mind, and spirit, Jade promotes personal growth. By allowing one to see past limitations and discard negative patterns, this piece encourages one to reach their full potential.

  • Handmade with tan genuine leather, incorporating wood, ching hai jade, african jade, czech glass, and snowflake jasper.

Handcrafted on Vancouver Island, our Labradorite double wrap bracelet is one of magic and beauty. Treasured for it's remarkable play of color, we have combined Labradorite with a variety of neutral toned gemstones, resulting in a unique design which can compliment a variety of outfits. Known to expand consciousness and imagination, this Collection brings in new ideas and thoughts for the future. Awakening the Spirit and energizing the mind, this piece uncovers infinite possibilities and personal truths.

  • Handmade with distressed grey genuine leather, incorporating labradorite, hematite, snowflake jasper, and lava stone. 

  • This bracelet can be used as an oil diffusing accessory! Drop or roll your favorite essential oils onto the absorbent lava stones, and enjoy the aromatherapy.

Finished with a stainless steel magnetic clasp, with an extra turn to lock, this bracelet is secure and durable. This excellent closure also makes it easy to take the bracelet on and off by yourself.

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