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Ceramic Bowls and Blates by Anita Lawrence

Ceramic Bowls and Blates by Anita Lawrence

Measurements included with item details. As each piece is hand made the actual item may not be exactly as shown in the photos.

Anita Lawrence Biography My passion for pottery began in high school when I first touched clay. I decided to go to pursue this passion in post secondary through art school. Fast forward a few years and finding myself out of work and in a new city, I decided to join a public studio and got my hands muddy again. Working with clay meant countless hours of practice in the studio and eventually led me to teach others how to make pottery. Now, after almost 30 years of pottery making, I still find so much satisfaction in the rhythmic motion of clay on the potters wheel and the incredible capacity for what can be created from a solid block of clay material.

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Category: Bowls, Plates

Type: Pottery

Artist Collection: Anita Lawrence

SKU: 657-B-1

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