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Bowl Collection by Matthew Freed Pottery

Bowl Collection by Matthew Freed Pottery

The Tofino glaze and design by Matthew Freed.  A gorgeous swirl of deep blues complimented with seafoam and pale gold highlights. 

The "Tree of Life" design by Matthew Freed.  A gorgeous semi matte charcoal tone (a combination of two glazes) finishes these modern pieces. 

Measurement included with item details.

As each piece is hand made the actual item may not be exactly as shown in the photo.

Matthew on his process of creating.

Pottery is complicated. It is an art that requires creativity and a strong sense of design. It is also a science that requires a thorough understanding of natural materials and how they will react in combination with extreme heat.

Each piece is a complexity of nature, science and art. It amazes me. there are an infinite number of creative possibilities. There an endless number of decisions that are made to get from the organic materials to the finished piece of art. And despite my best effort to control the variables that come together to form my art, there will always be a lack of complete control and a sense of uncertainty. But this makes the process mystical - sometimes joyful and sometimes sinister.

All of these factors, the bounty of creative potential, the limitless opportunity to learn and grow have joined together to form my passion for this art. I hope that you enjoy my work.

2015 Gold Medal Recipient for Excellence In Craft at the Circle Craft Exhibition.

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