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Art Prints by Paula Nasmith

Art Prints by Paula Nasmith

Art and Illustrations

Artist Statement

Paula 's mission through her art is to inspire curiosity and imagination. Creating artwork tends to be a messy and imperfect process. Lots of mistakes are involved and sometimes turn out differently than expected or intended. Imperfection is part of the mystery and magic of creating something new. She shares a lot of videos of  her art process, as she wants to share not only her finished paintings but also the messy business of creating them. 

Her current body of work is inspired by folklore, nature, and fairytales. Her aim is to invoke feelings of mystery, wonder, and home. This collection of work is about both comfort and adventure. Te pieces reflect all types of weather and a desire to enjoy the magic of every season.

Paula Nasmith is a multidisciplinary artist  bases out of Victoria, B.C. Her paintings and illustrations depict hidden worlds and places of enchantment. She has illustrated four picture books for children, and hopes to do more in the future. Her art practice includes regular walks in the forest. 

Victoria, B.C. 

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