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Swara Inspiritations Inc. -Penny Allpart

Swara Inspiritations Inc. -Penny Allpart


Question Everything!  A deck of inquiry

“Question Everything. Learn something. Answer nothing.”         Euripides

Question Everything! doesn’t tell you something, but rather invites you into a practice of inquiry. We do not ask to answer the question but to open a world of possibility through the art of asking.

 Question Everything!  Not because you don’t believe, but rather you wish to be on the edge of your own discovery.

Question Everything!  For how can we evolve and grow if we think we already know the answers?

Question Everything! Answers are not black and white, but colorful shapes of possibility unfolding the more times you ask.  Take a card and continue to ask the question for a day, a week, a month.  Discover life freshly in the ongoing inquiry of asking.  Allow each answer to deepen and refresh you.

Question Everything! is the creation of a group of young women, who as teens gathered in creative circles and retreats with Penny Allport, a creative explorer, where they hand collaged images from magazines that spoke to them at that time in their lives. At twenty the young women posed questions for each collage as each image invoked an existential question they realized would last a lifetime!


Now 10 years in print, and in third printing, Question Everything, a deck of inquiry is relevant more than ever!!

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