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Jeannine Saylor is a West Coast of Vancouver Island artists working with watercolour, wood burning and printmaking.
She is a  lifelong dreamer with a curious mind and an inclination towards painting and drawing. After ten years as a graphic designer, and the beginning of a small family, she stepped back from the desk job and opted to pursue her art while raising two artists of her own. 

She was born and raised on the Canadian Prairies and now proudly calls the southern tip of Vancouver Island, British Columbia her home. When she is not stomping through the forest or walking along the beach, she can be found in her  garden, growing my own food. Jeannine is inspired by the shield of mountains, the canopy of trees, and the diverse flora and fauna in the rain forest around me.

Her main focus is watercolor painting with a few mixed media elements and also explores acrylic painting, printmaking, and wood burning.