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Ravenwood Wildcraft

Ravenwood Wildcraft

Jennifer loves creating handmade, wildcrafted natural body products! She wildcrafts on a weekly basis harvesting small amounts of sustainably harvested wild plants that she infuses in oils or dry to create natural, locally crafted body products using only simple, clean, ingredients to nourish and heal. She wildcrafts in a large mountainous valley in the little town of Gold Bridge, B.C. as well as on Salt Spring Island. Both places have rich and diverse plant fauna unique to mountain valleys and coastal climates.  Check out this link to learn more about the  beautiful and abundant area that is her main foraging ground, the  Bridge River Valley

Inspiration is a daily insight surrounded by the beauty of the natural world around her;  wild-ness, vast valleys, incredible mountain ranges, forests; to  rain forests and ocean beaches.  She has a long passion and love for all plants, their medicinal and holistic properties as food, medicine and healing properties as well as finding new ways to manage invasive plant species; it is a magical journey connecting us back to the cycles of the earth and her natural rhythms. Plants are some of her best friends and she would love to learn and share with you along the journey of creating and connecting plants to better health through simply natural body products following the seasons in all their wild ways.

She is a healer with a small home based studio where she offers Aromatherapy massage, reiki, reflexology, hot stones as well as a certified Horticulturist with a love of creating food gardens. She has had the opportunity to study and work with many different healers and herbalists over the years and have long been passionate of the healing properties of wild foods and medicinal plants.   Collecting local, wild crafted ingredients while out walking in the woods, exploring open fields and river edges is a favorite past time of hers, sustainability is a priority; picking only a few berries, leaves or petals from each plant as each is precious as food & resources for animals, insects and plant reproduction.  She makes small, one-of-a-kind batches of natural, organic products, as she never know where my inspirations will take me!  Please check in regularly to see what new products are available with the seasons. Some of her wild crafted body products include handmade soaps, body butters, lip balms, salves, a facial line and healing infused wild oils.

She is also working on a wild food line and have started creating herbal and wildcraft salts and wildcraft teas.

She hopes you enjoy the end result as much as she has enjoyed harvesting and creating them.