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Jill Fitz Hirschbold

Jill Fitz Hirschbold - Photographer

Jill arrived on the West Coast almost 30 years ago to continue her studies in Environmental Science and has been here ever since. 

Her love of the sea led her to the Coast and underwater to become a DiveMaster.   It was there, in the quiet weightless beauty of diving, that she attempted to translate to film the way she felt about being there.  For Jill, there is no denying the incredible beauty of the West Coast; the diverse species of wildlife, the vastness of the land and sky, the majestic beauty of the mountains and forests, and the great swells and crashing waves that reach our shores.  It calls out to many of us, in unique and diverse ways

Jill’s work is not limited to West Coast images and her Abstract work reveals an appreciation for the spectacular colour and texture found on boats, barges and tankers that have become rusted by the sea.  She enjoys the thrill of discovering something beautiful where it may not be obvious. The names of those pieces are drawn from the music and the lyrics that make up the sound track of her life.  These images are often paired with her poetry and writing and has published three books of such combinations in the last few years; Blue Meets Blue, Untangled and One Thread.

Jill is completely self taught and has imposed her own set of restrictions on her work.  She will saturate the colour, intensify the contrast, crop and/or change the orientation of a photograph.  No element is added to an image that does not already exist.

 Her pieces have made their way to England, China and the US and many private residences in Western Canada.  She has also volunteered her photography skills to Raincoast Conservation, Greenpeace Canada, FraserFEST and Watershed Watch, many community events and donated works to the Banff Mid-Summers Ball 2014/15/16/17, CNIB Art Appeal 2015/17, Heart for Hospice 2015, VGH/UBD Night of 1000 Stars Gala 2015 and YWCA Woman of Distinction Awards 2016/17.  She has shown in over 20 local Art Show and Tours in the last 5 years.  Her full website can be found at