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Tofino Blue Collection by Honica

Tofino Blue Collection by Honica

Amazing, how a name can say it all. Honica and her husband were both born in the Netherlands. His family name Zylstra, translates as 'Sailor', while her own name Buytendorp, means 'Outside the Village'. He and their son are sailors at heart, always yearning for the open water. But Honica is a complete landlubber...peaceful pastures and dim, quiet forests, satisfy her nedd for the unpeopled places. So it remains a startingly clear memory, the day they arrived at Tofino...a tiny, West Coast village, seemingly perched on the rim of the world. Beyond it only the blue, blue, steel blue water of the Pacific, bending over the curve of the horizon. Nights were lulled by the gentle sighing of the surf, waves rolling like melted metal in the moonlight. Stormy days, came, when the swells were the texture of hammered pewter. Then, the still, sun-drenched days of summer when the sapphire sky laid its silver shimmer on the waves below.  Tofino Blue - a memory of you.

Tofino Blue earrings made from Forged, Roller Textured, Antiqued Brass with  Austrian Crystal & Glass.

Hand made on Vancouver Island by Honica.

Measurements included with item details. Earring measurement is the drop from the top of the hook. 




Category: Bracelets, Earrings, Unique Necklaces

Type: Jewellery

Artist Collection: Honica

SKU: 504-TB-1

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