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Rose Garden Collection by Honica

Rose Garden Collection by Honica

We celebrate Victoria as a city of gardens. Water gardens, hanging gardens, rock gardens, veggie gardens, formal gardens, cozy cottage gardens, native plant gardens, and romantic rose grdens; they all nourish us, body and soul. One of the gardens Honica see every day is just outside her studio window. Many years ago she created a pond garden and every day she watches the repeating rhythms of the seasons. Most of the year the deep ferns and moss live in calm serenity around the pond, but for a few brief weeks each summer, the roses burst into a hot pink and red profusion of riotous colour.  I balancing the energies of these colours, she created a unique jewellery experience - both delicate and dramatic.

Hand made from Swarovski Crystal, Handworked Brass, Pressed Glass and Gemstones.

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Category: Bracelets, Earrings, Honica, Unique earrings

Type: Jewellery

Artist Collection: Honica

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