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Elemental AJT Collection by Honica

Elemental AJT Collection by Honica

AJT = Amber Jade Turquoise

The harmonious elements which she feature in this jewellery have been highly valued since ancient times. Jade has been held in great reverence, particularly in Asia, for thousands of years. Skilled crafts people there have carved delicate objects and ornaments for almost 7000 years. Honica uses jade mined in northern British Columbia, where the world's largest reserves are still found. The toughness and density of this stone make it polish beautifully to reveal the various transluscent greens featured in this jewellery. Turquoise is seen in the oldest jewellery ever found- the mummy Queen Zer of Egypt, who reigned over 7500 years ago, was discovered in 1900, wearing bracelets of cast gold with turquoise. This beautiful stone varies in colour from sky blue to mossy greens, with an irregular webbing of dark matrix, making each bead and nugget an individual wonder. Other stones, glass and crystal, add variety and depth to the jewellery. She may use Russain Amazonite, Malachite and Jasper from Africa, Moss Agate, Serpentine , and Chrysocolla-these are just a few of the possibilities. Each earring, bracelet, and necklace will include hand-worked brass which she has prepared in her studio. These will range from simple antiqued circles in whichto suspend a bead, to brass shapes which require more complex techniques such as firing, hand-forging, roller texturing, patination and antiquing-all of which Honica does in her studio.

Hand crafted on Vancouver Island by Honica.

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Artist Collection: Honica

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