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Valerie Rolfe Greeting Cards

Valerie Rolfe Greeting Cards

Copies of Valerie Rolfe's beautiful acrylic paintings made into beautiful greeting cards.

Valerie has a love animals, the natural world, and charming subjects. Her early work revolved around watercolours of her kids and pets, followed by acrylic paintings of the same, finally branching out into animals in sanctuary, and in their natural environments. 

She likes to paint in order to promote the organizations and causes she cares about, including The Centre for Whale Research, The Whale Sanctuary Project, The Fauna Foundation, The Jane Goodall Institute, Takaya’s Legacy, and Hockhockson Farm

Her paintings are inspired by the strength of animals who suffer at human hands, those who are lovingly taken into care, and those who thrive in the natural world. She also loves trees of all stripes.


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