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Stephanie Prest Art Card Collection

Stephanie Prest Art Card Collection

Stephanie Prest

Hand made 5' x 7" Art cards.

Surrounded by painting and other studio-based arts her whole life, Stephanie Prest is an actively engaged artist from Montreal, now living in Victoria, B.C.  Holding a BFA from Concordia University, she served as a member if the Painting and Drawing Students’ Association and acted as the Association’s Vice-President during her senior year.

Her varied endeavors included working with fashion and accessory designers Viola Blanca and Cheryl Fudge mehndi (henna tattoos), flower arranging and photography.  She is also greatly inspired by raveling and her trips to places such as Nantucket, France, Brazil, and the West Coast.  Long inspired by vivid colors, pattern and representation of physical form.

Stylistically influenced by artists such as Guido Molinari, Gustav Klimt, and David Hockney, her love of nature and experience working with flowers can be seen in many of her painting series. Most recently, she explores landscapes and seascapes. Through photography and the subsequent painting, she attempts to capture the serenity and tranquility that occurs in nature.

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Artist Collection: STEPHANIE PREST

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