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Raku Chinook Salmon Collection

Raku Chinook Salmon Collection

Ed Oldfield of Powell River B.C. is creating theses gorgeous Chinook Salmon in it's ocean phase.  Rugged enough to even hang outside.  

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The Chinook salmon is the largest and most valuable species of Pacific salmon in North America, [2] Its common name is derived from the Chinookan peoples.  Chinook are anadromous fish native to the North Pacific Ocean and the river systems of western North America, ranging from California to Alaska. Thriving in Lake Michigan Great Lakes of North America and Michigan's western rivers, and Patagonia. A large Chinook is a prized and sought-after catch for a sporting angler. The flesh of the salmon is also highly valued for its dietary nutritional content, which includes high levels of important omega-3 fatty acids. Some populations are endangered; however, many are healthy. 

Raku pottery is created with a specific ceramic firing process that uses both fire and smoke to create unique patterns and designs. With raku pottery, the piece is first bisque fired. Then, it is glazed and undergoes a raku firing process. The raku firing process requires a special raku kiln that is fueled by propane and reaches temperatures of about 1800°F (about 982°C).

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Category: Wall Hangings

Type: Pottery

Artist Collection: Ed Oldfield

SKU: 64-CS-1

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