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Lochside Pottery Vases

Lochside Pottery Vases

Katie Louise Morris was born in Devon, England.  Raised on Vancouver Island, then later moving to Alberta to study Equine Science and Agricultural Business at college; Katie spent ten years on the prairies, working in agriculture, until she discovered her love for ceramics while living in Lethbridge.  Among good company, Katie spent all moments possible at Casa, the community studio, developing her skills.  Leaving to travel and further her (unofficial) education, she spent time in Texas working with Bub Vickers, who while mentoring her work with pottery, also introduced her to bronze sculpture.  Back on Vancouver Island, Katie enjoys a life close to nature; dividing her time between gardening, her studio, and a border collie named Rudy.

Focusing on functional mid-fire stoneware, Katie is dedicated to the simple, unique character of handmade. Drawing inspiration from the comfort of cottages and simplicity of farmhouses; this collection is designed to be loved and enjoyed everyday.

Starting out as a ball of clay, each piece is thrown by hand on the potter’s wheel; the first step to being crafted into a piece of durable stoneware. Pieces are then trimmed and set to complete the drying process, after which, they can be loaded into the kiln to complete their first firing. They are then glazed and fired again, this time to just over 2230 degrees Fahrenheit; at which point they are complete, and ready for use.


Category: Vase, Vases

Type: Pottery

Artist Collection: Lochside Pottery

SKU: 652-V-1A

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