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Jodi Mayne Art Prints 11x14

Jodi Mayne Art Prints 11x14

Measures - 11 x 14 inches

 Inspired by imagination and an amalgamation of real places, each painting both studies a place I have imagined and recalls a place I've been. In these places I am reminded of the intricacies of nature and the interconnections that exist between all things.

Jodi Mayne is a west coast landscape painter from Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada. Now based in the capital city of Victoria, she grew up in the island’s nearby Cowichan Valley and studied visual arts at the Emily Carr University of Art & Design in Vancouver. While completing her visual art degree Jodi focused on printmaking techniques and developed the love for bold line and shape now evident in her painting and drawing.

Living and growing up on the west coast surrounded by forest and sea, has filled Jodi with a deep appreciation for the rich natural systems she celebrates in her paintings. At one time she lived in both Australia and Europe, now drawing on elements from many environments to develop a universal feeling in her compositions. 

Her work reflects a love and devotion to trees and plants and the beautiful, ancient processes they encompass. In these half imagined, half encountered painted environments, Jodi creates spaces where anyone can experience an intrinsic connection to natural systems greater than them self. Realism is intertwined with imagination evoking places of past, present, and future.

Her use of wood and found/re-purposed materials to create stylized landscapes explores resource use and the interconnections that exist between all things. 


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