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Elemental Amber Collection by Honica

Elemental Amber Collection by Honica

Created with Baltic Amber, Glass, Resins

Hand crafted on Vancouver Island by Honica.

Measurements included with item details.

 "I fell in love with Amber at first sight, attracted to its beautiful golden warmth, to the sense of history inits formation, and to the many cultures that value it as personal adornment and sculpture.  And there is so much in Amber...the play of light and its fluid, organic forms provide a window to he fascinating things inside.  This fossilized tree resin will contain bits of bark and charcoal, plant seeds, air bubbles, tunnels formed by insects and sometimes even the insects themselves.

I compliment these natural elements with antiqued brass... hand forged and roller-printed into organic textures, or richly colored with Vertigris patina.  A contemporary collection with history and value."

Amber was believed to be a powerful talisman by the Vikings. Stories of the magical powers of this fossilised tree resin, washed up on the shores of the Baltic, go back to pre-historic times. The tiny flaws contained within amber are known as inclusions and are evidence of organic matter - some rare specimens containing insects are extremely valuable as most of the world's amber is in the range of 30-90 million years old.

Amber is believed to encourage creativity and encourage a sunny nature, as well as protecting the wearer from negativity.



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