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Ceramic Pot Collection by Joseph Madigan

Ceramic Pot Collection by Joseph Madigan

Each pot is hand turned and an original design.  Joe's collection and style is beautiful and unique.

Measurement and sizes may vary slightly from the details included with each item.

Joe is a skilled potter who has been honing his craft for the past seven years. Originally from Vancouver, Joe has been based in the beautiful town of Whistler, British Columbia, for the last three years. During this time, he has continued to perfect his techniques and develop his unique style.

Joe's creative approach is grounded in a deep respect for the functional aspect of pottery. He believes that every piece he creates must serve a specific purpose in order to be truly valuable. For Joe, function always takes priority over form, and he strives to make each of his pieces as useful as it is beautiful.

While Joe's work is highly functional, it is also exquisitely crafted. He uses high-quality materials and meticulously attends to every detail, resulting in pieces that are not only useful but also stunningly beautiful. Whether he is creating a simple bowl or a complex teapot, Joe's dedication to his craft shines through in every piece he produces.

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Category: Joseph Madigah, utensil holder, Vase

Type: Pottery

Artist Collection: Joseph Madigan

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