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Books by Wendy Picken

Books by Wendy Picken 

Gramma's Pearl Soup and Grampa's Mango Smile

The book is hardback with beautiful bright illustrations every page for ages 6 to108 years. Wendy describes the book as a story of hopes and dreams and the seasons of life. "What is pearl soup?  It is a very special soup Gramma tells me it is made with pearls that come from her heart and she stirs in all her hopes and dreams for me"

A portion of the sale of this book is donated to a charity in Africa to help support a child.

Rainbees & Honeybows

This book is hardback with beautiful illustrations on every page for all ages. Off flies the tiny heroine - a damselfly-mouse-bird-moth-frog-beetle--in her quest for her origin story. She rhymes and sings and journeys with friends she meets (and one she marries!) along the way. Wendy Picken brilliantly combines verse, dazzling art, and vision into a west coast fairy tale. A treat for readers of all ages.

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