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Arbutus Arts Salad Sets

Arbutus Arts Salad Sets

Arbutus (Madrona) is prized for its crooked beauty, colorful bark, fragrant white flowers and red berries. This magnificent evergreen tree grows along the B.C. West Coast, often on rocky bluffs overlooking the sea. Arbutus is the sacred tree of Knowledge to the Salish First Nation.

Our Arbutus Arts Culinary Collection features spectacular Arbutus wood salvaged from forest fall-downs and dead trees on the B.C. West Coast. Polished to 4000 grit for exquisite beauty. Form and function meet in these treasures. Professional chefs and home cooking lovers will delight in our special and unique designs...made for both function and hand comfort. Our pieces quickly become the favorite utensil! Do you love cooking? Our hand crafted special designs will delight you with their superior performance.

Our utensil products are ideal for both serving and cooking as the wood is so hard and will last for a long long time.

Finished with food-safe walnut oil and beeswax, Wash & dry after use. Do not put in a dishwasher. Apply walnut oil or mineral oil when needed. 






Category: ARBUTUS ARTS, Kitchen Wood

Type: Wood

Artist Collection: ARBUTUS ARTS

SKU: 276-SS-1

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