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Winnie Tam

Winnie Tam


Winnie is a graduate of McGill University and a recipient of the James McGill Award, as well as the Betty Jacques Travelling Scholarship in 1985.

She was a potter for 14 years before she started her own line of unique handcrafted porcelain jewelry in 1988. With emphasis on simplicity and elegance, her work can be seen in many museums, galleries, arts & crafts stores and fashion boutiques across Canada.

Winnie Tam is an award winning designer who creates beautiful hand-crafted porcelain jewelry for individual collectors around the world. Her unique line of wild life animals, cat,  and dog brooches will appeal to pet lovers, and her artistic jewelry to those who appreciate simple, elegant, and wearable art

How It's Made Winnie begins each piece by hand shaping or cutting out shapes from thin sheets of rolled out porcelain clay. Thin knife and sponges are used to clean edges of all pieces.Underglazes are then painted free-hand on the green wares' surface. Every item is then fired four times. Mother of pearl and 22K gold luster are  painted on pieces before the last  two firings. Findings are then attached to finished pieces. Metal wires, gem stones and beads are sometimes added for decoration  , and the findings are of excellent quality and made of hypo-allergenic stainless steel

Winnie resides and works in the Kitsilano area in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.