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Marcia Stacey Artist

Marcia Stacey writes: "I want my artwork to bring a moment of tranquility and joy. Women relate to my work, they really connect which is very satisfying. As my art evolves, it becomes increasingly clear that the medium will always be varied, so Iʼm grateful that my theme is fairly consistent, which makes it all work in the end. Joyful figures emerge from everything I do, evoking positive thoughts. I feel very fortunate be able to share my appreciation of life, and to express the beauty, struggles, successes and joys of todayʼs women through my work." Marcia Stacyʼs work encourages you to celebrate life, enjoy the magic of art, play with what you love and appreciate each precious moment. With a background solidly based in commercial graphics and communication arts, she moves confidently within the whole range of production and the creative process.

Born in Nelson in 1954, Marcia began her working career as a silk-screen printer in 1973. For the next 20 years she worked at all kinds of art related jobs as well as continuing her personal work. Since 1994, Marcia has worked full time on her "Celebration" paintings and silver jewellery, and making various gift items and fine art original art dolls.