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Kama Natural Soap's story began about 17 years ago.

After making soap professionally now for 17 years (can't be!!!), my love for the process, the ingredients and the final product is still as strong as ever!  The world is an amazing place!  Full of diverse plant life which I am very lucky to be able to use everyday.  From all over the globe come such plant oils as exotic ylang ylang (flower of flowers) from Madagascar, healing eucalyptus and tea tree oils from Australia, beautiful french lavender oil, italian bergamot oil and so many more.  Today it is possible to support ethical and sustainable oils such as organic, unrefined, shea butter produced and purchased directly from the Takpo widows group of northern Ghana (, organic Canadian hemp seed oil and again, many more.  All my soaps are 100% vegan using only olive and coconut oils in very bar and many other rich, moisturizing plan oils in each kind.  Vegetable glycerin, a natural byproduct of the soap making process I use, also hydrates and moisturizes the skin.  If you are a repeat customer, I have a feelign like us here, that ou appreciate, admire and respect the natural world and if you are a first timer, I hope you enjoy using the products as much as I love creating them!