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Artist Profile ~ Honica

Honica has studied design all her life. She was born in the Netherlands and comes from several generations of professional artists whose disciplines include fashion design, painting, pottery, and art restoration. Her own career spans thirty years of painting, sculpture, theatrical costuming, quilting, weaving, fashion, and for the last 15 years, jewelry design.

Working from her rural studio on the West Coast of Canada, she continues to produce unusual collections of art jewelry. Her life-long fascination with natural materials has led her to develop diverse designs featuring semi-precious stones, glass, minerals and fossils, together with hand worked silver, brass, and copper.

Artistic Vision

Keeping the integrity of my vision is always important to me, but I am also aware of the market trends that affect sales in the gallery. Having worked not only as Head Designer in the jewelry department of a small high-end boutique chain, but also bearing much of the responsibility for store design, displays, staff training, etc., has made me knowledgeable about the needs of the retailer.

I also take the fashion and seasonal color palettes into account when designing a Collection, and I find that sales are increased as a result. Although my work is not "trendy", I stay tuned in to the marketplace and its changes. 15 years of experience has taught me that sensitivity to customer demand is important and newness is essential.

I design my jewelry in "Collections", which are named to reflect their central essence. Each Collection has about 10 different necklace styles/sizes, several bracelet choices, several dozen earring designs, and many exciting brooches.

Each season, about 7 to 10 Collections are available, making it possible for galleries to choose new designs all throughout the season.