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Hand Crafted Wood Art and Designs

Ron Bazar of Arbutus Arts says, "if you are looking for a very special wedding gift, anniversary gift or birthday gift, then Arbutus Arts is the place for you. If you love wood products, then these wood carvings will delight you as it has many thousands already! You can choose from the rarest hardwood grades of exquisite Arbutus wood that more than matches the best woods in the world. With 5 grades of wood to choose from you can be sure you can find a rare and special gift that will be treasured for years and years".

Arbutus Arts

Our Arbutus Arts Culinary Collection features spectacular wood polished to 4000 grit for exquisite beauty. Form and function meet in these treasures. Professional chefs and home cooking lovers will delight in our special and unique designs...made for both function and hand comfort. Our pieces quickly become the favourite utensil! Do you love cooking? Our hand crafted special designs will delight you with their superior performance.

Our utensil products are ideal for both serving and cooking as the wood is so hard and will last for a long long time.

Have you got fine dinnerware? Then you need the best servers for those culinary delights. Our servers and salad sets will make your bowls and serve-ware stand out with the glory of fine wood.

We save the very rarest Arbutus wood selections for our jewelry, earrings, pendants and key chains. Make a unique fashion statement from this wood's natural beauty. Each piece of this Arbutus wood (or Madrone wood) is exceptionally gorgeous.

Be sure to check out our West Coast Whale Knife, made in the shape of a whale to honour our killer whale friends, also known as Orca Whales, that the Arbutus watches down from their heights on the bluffs overlooking the sea. Do you want a special gift that will remind you every day of BC's famous west coast? Then this is for you! Made from Arbutus hardwood, these knives are great for buttering your toast, spreading soft cheese and pate or adding jam! And for nut butters, there is no better spreader! Oh! and they make a superb addition to food gift baskets.

Made from forest fall downs and dead branches and trees and from salvaged sources, you can be proud that your gifts come from the most sustainable forestry practices. We do not cut down live trees for our wood...the best wood grain colours comes from dead wood that has changed colour after dying on the tree.

BC or British Columbia's Gulf Islands are home to the rare Arbutus Tree and its cousin the Manzanita shrub. These wood crafts have thrilled thousands here on BC's West Coast Gulf Islands and now at last we can bring to the world our fine wood art through the gateway of the world wide web. Exotic wood meets fine wood working on the web!

So enjoy your stay and learn all about the Arbutus Tree, Arbutus Wood and of course BC\s Gulf Islands and our own Gulf Island, Cortes Island, at the entrance to Desolation Sound. Discover why boaters and kayakers from around the world come to these waters and see Canada's Matterhorn (Mt Denman) which hovers majestically over the fiords and inlets and islets of these protected waterways.