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Wooden Bowls by Davy Woodcraft

Wooden Bowls by Davy Woodcraft

Stuart Davy is a wood carver from Victoria BC. Stuart spent most of his childhood exploring the islands off Vancouver Island's coastline with his family on their small sailboat. He is a self-taught carver who finds himself captivated by the process involved in creating work by hand. All of Stuart's work is created with only hand tools. He enjoys the effect that this limitation has on the process and outcome of his art, such as the shape and texture. Stuart salvages wood from his local area and roughs out his pieces while the wood is still green, using a woodcarving axe and hand adze. Once the piece is dried, it is carved into its final shape using knives, and finished with natural oils. Most of Stuart's work is functional, such as spoons and bowls, creating a fun relationship between art and everyday objects.


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Artist Collection: Davy Woodcraft

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