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Wooden Jewelry Treasure Boxes, Airbourne

Wooden Jewelry Treasure Boxes, Airbourne

Hand made with Walnut body and Birds Eye Maple drawers, measures 10 x 5 x 4 inches.

Gerry Hebert’s passion for woodworking runs deep in his family roots. After retiring, he spent many hours in his workshop. Gerry decided to build a few unique boxes, and what started as a hobby-has now become a career. However, he still finds time for golfing!

These solid wood boxes are handcrafted from exotic and domestic hard woods. Many hand-rubbed coats of finish give them a beautiful, everlasting lustre.

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Category: GERRY HEBERT, TREASURE BOXES, Wood, wooden boxes

Type: Wood

Artist Collection: GERRY HEBERT

SKU: 506-001

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