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Wooden Fruit Collection by Harvey Pfluger

 Wooden Fruit Collection by Harvey Pfluger

Harvey has always had a love of working with wood. Early on he completed many furniture projects that are still in his home today.

As Covid closed down many activities Harvey turned more to his workshop and started to use his wood lathe again. But, while it had been used for small projects his ideas had grown and so a larger wood lathe and more tools were purchased. It was a time to learn new techniques and challenge oneself.

He works with all natural wood from the island such as oak, maple, locust,Arbutus, cherry,etc. Someone has a downed tree or wants their apple tree removed, Harvey is there to pick it up and turn it on his lathe. Before he can turn it he has to run it through a bandsaw and carve out something to work with. Then the wood goes into a drying room for up to one year.

Harvey started out with bowls and then added epoxy and design. He has made vases, candle holders, salt and pepper shakers and now earrings and necklaces. The wood comes free, the chance to experiment is endless. By joining the Woodturners Guild he has learned from others. There are also YouTube videos with a wealth of information to absorb.

Rarely does anything go to waste. As well as getting calls for a downed tree he has been known while visiting someone to take a look at their burn pile. Sometimes there is something that others don’t use but it catches his eye.

It is a hobby from the earth, turned and worked on with love and endless ideas.


Category: Sewing & Small Gifts, wood, Wood Art, Wood Carving

Type: Wood

Artist Collection: Harvey Pfluger

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