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Wishing Star with Yellow Stone

Wishing Star with Yellow Stone

A beautiful wishing star with reflective glass stone to hang in a light place. 

Approx size: 2 1/2  inches x 2 1/2 inch.

Handmade in the Comox Valley by award-winning glass artist Loris Dawn. 

"A New Beginning, a Spiritual Evolution, Divinity, Inspiration, and Good Fortune.

"Each and every time you see this star make a wish form where you are. Breathe in deeply, trust and let it go, you wish is coming sooner than you know. The Universe shines endless wishes for you."

From the moment I conceived the idea to create Wishing Star, I felt an overwhelming source of enthusiasm and positive energy.I knew I had discovered a form of creating attractive combinations of vibrant colours in a form that also brought a sensation of Spiritual energy to me.


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Category: Hanging Glass, LORIS DAWN, wishing star

Type: Glass

Artist Collection: LORIS DAWN

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