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Trays and Plates by Salish Sea Pottery

Trays and Plates by Salish Sea Pottery 

Wild Salmon Ocean Blue, Moss Green, Aubergine, French Yellow and Seaweed glazes featured on everyday Tableware by Faye Oakes.

Dishwasher , oven and microwave safe. 

Handmade in Colwood on Vancouver Island

Victoria, B.C.

Artist Statement: There is just something about being a Salish Pottery Artisan that I love. I was studying Archaeology and Anthropology, specializing in First Nations Studies, at Douglas College when I saw the ‘cave art’ of Lascaux in France. I changed directions and began to study art at Kwantlen College, specializing in pottery. Since then, I have been involved in all the many different processes which clay allows -- gas firings, raku, pit firings, wood, salt, and soda firings, electric firings, wheel throwing, and sculpture, to name a few.

Although I strive to bring pottery into the realm of art, I cannot get away from the enjoyment of creating items that will be used daily and will bring people together to celebrate life. My pieces are useful, more importantly, they want to be beautiful and give joy to those using and touching them; they are proud pieces reflecting their culture, serving their owners, while connecting you
to the past, present, and future.

I believe I am one of the first Coast Salish Potters, as our traditions were mostly in wood and wool, but today we are writing a new history.


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