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Summertime Cups

Summertime Cups

Anne Byrne Pottery

Anne has been playing and creating with clay for many years but for the last 12 years she has been able to work consistently in clay, always preferring a high-fire clay. Since 2004, Anne has reduction-gas fired her functional ceramics with celadon or cobalt glazes.

Anne's interest in clay started with classes at the Bear Creek Community Arts program in Surrey, BC. She was hooked from the beginning and followed up with four semesters of ceramic classes at Kwantlen College under the direction of Fred Owen. For many years family and a career in nursing took priority but after moving to Salt Spring Island in 1994, she was able to delve deeper into her passion for clay.

Side Street Studio is featuring featuring Anne's Summertime collection both in-store and online. Summertime is a beautifully sculpted collection with subtle lines and a calming sea-foam accent colour.  

3 x 2.5 inches

  As each item is hand made the actual item may not be exactly as shown in the photo.


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Type: Pottery

Artist Collection: Anne Byrne Pottery

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